Our Team

Staff Member

Staff is the back bone of any organization. At Pandurang International English school we cater to the child’s physical, intellectual, aesthetic, cultural, emotional, spiritual and social aspects and to achieve these qualities/traits among the students we believe that the teachers have them first. We have a staff that is emotionally, physically, and intellectually par excellence.

Teacher qualification
Pre-Primary Graduate+TTC/ECCE or montessori
Primary HSC / D.Ed, BA / BSC D.Ed / B.Ed
Secondary BA/B.S MA / MSC B.Ed

The school staff plays an important role in ensuring that the students are learning in safe hands and under competent adults in a supportive environment. It boosts positive and trustworthy relationship with students and improves the school environment by encouraging parental investment in understanding the improvement, growth and progress of their ward intellectually, emotionally and ethically.